Third Community Survey

Based upon input from over 2,000 community members over the last year through two surveys, the following THIRD SURVEY contains information for the Comprehensive Plan document including: A Future Land Use Plan; A Framework for the Future of Downtown Frederick; Conceptual Design for Crist Park; and more.

Exhibits for the Third Community Survey

Take the third survey through the following link. Everyone’s input is welcome!

Check out the results from the second Frederick Forward survey!

Click here to see the results of the Second Community Survey for the Frederick Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Plan, conducted during Summer 2023.

Other Survey Results

Please click here to view results from the first survey. This other link contains a summary of community input from the Visual Preference Survey (with pictures of example communities around the country, where participants placed green stickers on items they like, and red on items they do not like).

To view detailed results from the first community survey, including all comments made by all participants, please click on the “Documents” link above and then click on the files with detailed results, under the “Community Surveys” header.

Frederick Forward includes two very important efforts by the Town of Frederick to plan for its future: the Frederick Comprehensive Plan, which guides the overall community’s growth over the next 20 years; and the Frederick Downtown Plan, which will establish the vision for the Downtown district over the next two decades.

Frederick Forward will be conducting more outreach at different businesses, venues and events around town, for the second round of community input, during May and June. Please check back on this website in early May for a schedule of where the team will be conducting outreach around town!


Help Identify on the map current challenges and opportunities for Frederick and share your thoughts and ideas regarding Frederick's future.

About Frederick Forward

What is normally included in a Comprehensive Plan and a Downtown Plan? What are the goals for Frederick Forward?

Goals for Frederick Forward:

  • Establish the overall vision for the overall Town of Frederick and for Downtown Frederick for the next 20-plus years
  • Draw from broad community input in creating the new Comprehensive Plan and new Downtown Plan
  • Establish key goals and actions to guide the community’s growth, and Downtown’s continuing evolution
  • Provide the foundation for follow-up studies and projects to be completed by the Town of Frederick and various community groups, in achieving the vision for the Town and for Downtown Frederick

Key Issues & Topics – Comprehensive Plan:

  • Community vision for Frederick
  • Future land uses and development
  • Housing and Economic Development
  • Planning for multimodal transportation (driving, walking, biking, and taking transit)
  • Parks, trails, and open space
  • Infrastructure (water, sewer, stormwater, etc.)
  • Community facilities

Key Issues & Topics – Downtown Plan:

  • Community vision for the Downtown district
  • Potential development and redevelopment
  • The desired character (look and feel) of development in the Downtown area
  • Streetscape improvements (lighting, seating, public art, and other features along 5th Street and other streets Downtown)
  • Potential projects to create or enhance gathering places in the Downtown area
  • Transportation connections within Downtown and to other parts of Frederick
  • Potential enhancements to signage Downtown